Introducing the New TF TOOLLOOT Box!!

A selection of assorted items, from some of our top brands, will be sent as part of this amazing box! What will it be? 

Take the gamble and see what you get. With a limited run of these boxes, once they are gone, they are gone. Be a trail blazer and get one of these before your buddies!

This is an absolute crowd pleaser. 

Give to any tradesman as a fun present on their birthday, for Fathers Day, Mothers Day or just because you appreciate the mate you work with #bromance

Leave it with us, we have sorted you out! If your looking for gift Ideas, why not check out our collection of Merch or some of our most popular brands like Martinez, DiamondBack or Occidental Leather.

Each box will come with a range of specially selected items, we have given you a massive discount on them but we're just not telling you which ones!

Roll the dice.. what will you get? 

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