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Best for large capacity, 1st fix/ roofing

Badger has designed their range with you guys in mind. Everyone can find something depending on your specific type of work, size, colour, fit or capacity.

  • Carpenter type - 1st fix, the larger capacity pouch in the Badger range
  • With or without integrated hammer sleeve

All the pouches are available in:

  •  Gunmetal Grey and Sawdust Sage

Badger Carpenter Bags edition 

 Badger Carpenter Tool Bag


  • This is the larger capacity pouch in the Badger range, it is designed for Hand tool carry, it has an integrated hammer sleeve
  • It has the same pockets as the smaller Trimmer Tool Bag but has the extra pocket at the top: 5 tool slots in main pouch-three along inside back and two inside front, single outside lower pouch with tool slot, rear tool loop. Pencil/utility combo up front with three small slots and one deep pocket
  • size: this is a longer pouch than the Trimmer and is approx 40cm in length.
  • Build your own systems with the Badger pouches or buy an pre-built Badger Toolbelt system

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Badger Carpenter Fastener Bag

Main features:

  • the larger capacity pouch in the Badger range
  • designed for carrying fixings and fasteners for 1st fix and roofing work
  • there is internal organisation on both the inside main pocket and external to the pouch including a speed square slot: 3 elastic nail set slots in tape pouch, speed square slot, lower tool slot, side by side outside pouches, slots in each fastener pouch, reinforced bar slot on underside of the bag
  • size: approx. 40cm long and with an extra pocket at the top is a larger version of the larger capacity Trimmer Fastener bag.
  • the bottom of the main and fastener pouches are reinforced with USA made tactical webbing to increase puncture and abrasion resistance. 
  • lightweight tough and built to last
  • possibility to build your own systems with the Badger pouches or buy an pre-built Badger Toolbelt system


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Overview and comparison of the Trimmer (2nd fix) and Carpenter (1st fix)

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