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One of our biggest brands is Occidental Leather!!

We love them, and so do our customers...

Occidental Leather 9525 - The Finisher Tool Belt Set

"First impressions and customer service

To help the next person with there order, as mentioned before go a size up, if you are a medium (32/33”w) go for the large. The rig it’s self is bigger then I expect (not a criticism) and the build quality is really impressive, there made to last, clearly. Also fantastic service from Lucy, answer emails through the weekend and arranging special orders. Will definitely continue to use tftools, thanks again."

Josh watson

"The finisher

Really lightweight but very robust and well made, great for all applications, I still keep my occidental leather pro framer bags for concrete work, one tip if your a medium go for large , if your a larger go for XL in size, great buy from TF Tools"

Paul smith

Occidental Leather 5089 Seven-Bag Framer Tools Belt

"Best Framers Belt there is, PERIOD!

I own an Occidental 7 Bag Framing Belt, and I have owned it for 21 years. This is by far the Best and Toughest Framing Belt that I have ever had the privilege of wearing. There is nothing liie the feel of good quakity hand crafted Leather. It will "learn" your body, and confirm to you, and your Tools. This system was designed by some of the Framing Carpenters in the world. It has all the perfect Tool pockets, put in the perfect positions. Once you wear it for a week or two, you won't have to look for anything. Your hand will go to it instinctively everytime without having to look, and the same goes for putting that Tool back in it's place. Might sound crazy but this is a tremendous time savings. I carry a lot of Tools and Nails, and have never felt the need for the Suspenders because of the 3" Ranger Belt. This system is so comfortable even with a heavy load. There are a lot of "Custom" Bag makers out there these days, and I have tried a few, nut never for very long, because I just haven't found a Framing System yet that is as comfortable, and laid out as well as this one. Mine is Green Leather Bags, that will tell you how old it is. Occidental quit using that color on their Leather many, many years ago. My biggest complaint with Occidental right now, is that they don't offer the 7 Bag in Black. When they do, is when I will retire my Green Bags. I can't even convince them to do it as a Custom Order, which they don't do anymore. Treat yourself with Occidental Leather."

Phillip Chambers

Occidental Leather 6100T - Pro Trimmer™ Tool Belt with Tape Holster

"Occidental Leather

Great tool belt from Occidental Leather! Very comfortable , fits perfect! Very happy with the purchase! Thanks TFTools!"

- Kiril

Check out the full Occidental range HERE!

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