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Whatever your Every Day Carry, chances are you'll need some ancillary accessories to add function to your set up. We have some stand out bestsellers in each range.

DiamondBack Accessories - offer over 40 different accessories which attach by Velcro hook & loop system to attach directly to belts or a metal clip to other pouches.


DiamondBack Hammer Holster It sits behind any Diamondback pouch with the head of your hammer at your fingertips and the handle in a padded sleeve that protects your legs and knees

DiamondBack Gun Loop - Specialised belt loop designed for pneumatic guns and cordless drills. 

DiamondBack Sax range - handy clip on, drawstring nylon bags ranging in size from the Mini Sax to Big Sax 

Buckaroo Accessories - this range handcrafted Australian leather accessories offer standalone tool organisation for a lighter carry or to beef up the capacity of your regular toolbelt carry. All accessories have a loop for sliding onto belts up to 2in wide.


Buckaroo Hammer Frog is built to last. It is designed to hold a claw hammer or any larger head hammer. The welded metal piece allows for the hammer to be more secure. 

Buckaroo Power Tool Frog - a quality laser cut metal piece to attach a power tool onto. This is a heavy duty frog with a robust appearance and feel.

Occidental Leather Accessories - USA handcrafted leather accessories with a loop system to fit onto belts up to 3in wide.

Best sellers:

Occidental Leather 5520 5-in-1 Toolholder - offers holders for hammer, lumber crayon or screwdriver, pliers & pencil.

Occidental Leather 5059 Hammer Holder - a simple compact and comfortable hammer holder

Occidental Leather 2003 Oxy Tool Shield™ - accepts many tools (a chisel or knife) and clips onto most bags or even a pocket. Also holds one round pencil.

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