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Set up can be very much down to personal preference on carry style and capacity. About 50% of our customers Build their Own tool belt system.

Here is an overview of the different brands and the best sellers in each range.

DiamondBack Pouches 

  • Durable, 1000 Denier nylon which is a superior tear and abrasion resistant. 
  • Ergonomic, weighs 40% less than leather


DiamondBack Eagle medium sized fastener pouch, with a slim profile. It includes a top pocket for tape, chaulk or small fasteners, a main pocket with speed square divider sized for hand tools or strip fasteners. 

DiamondBack Mazo designed for the small hand tools you need in detail work, but it can also be built out and customized with accessories like the 722, Utility Sheath of Nailer Loop on the webbing attachment points.  This is our smallest tool pouch.

DiamondBack Miter - is the perfect pouch for trim work by keeping hand tools separated and organized and proving slots for your vital bits and punches.

Buckaroo Pouches - 100% Australian made, each of our nail bags and tools bags are carefully hand crafted, and designed to meet the needs of tradesmen and women across a vast range of trades. They are built to last and come in black and brown to suit your setup.


Buckaroo Bespoke Bag Generously sized pockets featuring built-in small tool and bit storage. Side of bag tool clips and a hidden speed square slot offer plenty of options for on-the-job efficiency.

Buckaroo 3 Pocket Nailbag Version B  Low profile allows for ease of movement for the wearer, all bags include pencil and punch holders. Two main pockets (fit 7in speed square) & one outer pocket

Buckaroo 3 Pocket Nailbag - Black  Same features as one above but without the external pocket

Occidental Leather  Pouches USA handcrafted leather pouches hand-specific sets is designed to improve your working rhythm and efficiency while providing the comfort you need for a long day on the job.

Best sellers:

Occidental Leather 5060 3 Pouch Pro Fastener Bag Highly recommended for framing and general carpentry applications. Holders for 1” blade square, angle square, cat’s paw loop, driver bits, etc.

Occidental Leather 9520 OxyFinisher Fastener Pouch Compact light weight bag design is ideal for trim, framing and finish work. Innovative, round-bottom nylon main and outer bags. Holders include a speed square inside or out and, features the patented* 2-in-1 outer bag for maximum fastener capacity in a compact space. Comes stock with the 2003 - Oxy Tool Shield™.

Occidental Leather 9521LH OxyFinisher Tool bag - Left handed- Compact bag design is ideal for trim, light framing and finish work. Innovative, round-bottom, full capacity, two-ply foam core main and outer bags hold their shape empty or loaded. Clip on leather tab for tape or upper bag, driver bit or nail set pouches included, metal hammer holder. Comes stock with the 2003 - Oxy Tool Shield™.

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