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User review by Dan, Berwick-upon-Tweed @danmhowlett

I’ve owned this DiamondBack Grrande toolbelt for around a year now. At first I was hesitant to spend this sort of money on a belt. A friend of mine had a different DB rig which he let me try out for a week, I was sold.

After looking through the different options I settled for the Grrande due to the large pockets capable of holding a hell of a lot of fixings, wise choice.

DiamondBack layout with tools used

Durability & build quality

I have found they are extremely durable. I would say I’m pretty hard on my gear. For instance, there is no sign of tears or loose stitching after being covered in mud, caught on scaffold and thrown in the van daily.

Organisation for tools

The configuration of the tool pockets are perfect. In other words, you can access the tools you use frequently and leaving enough room to access fixings comfortably. The hammer holster is unreal, the positioning is perfect and makes taking out your hammer effortless.

In addition, I have a Martinez M4 which sits nicely and the curved grip doesn’t get caught when taking it out.

DiamondBack toolbelt layout with items in pouches

Comfort all day long

The 6” belt sits very nicely on the hips and I find it doesn’t feel uncomfortable or excessively large. I wear a 34” trouser and the medium size belt is perfect. When you first get them they do feel rigid. However, they break in reasonably quick, even more so if you get them wet and load them up.

Any drawbacks?

The only thing I would add is a cats paw holster to the left pouch and a set of suspenders if you are carrying a lot of gear constantly.

Would I recommend it?

I wouldn’t hesitate to get another set if anything were to happen to my current belt.

In conclusion, if you are thinking about getting them, get them, you won’t be disappointed

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