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Our most commonly asked question is what toolbelt/ rig is best for me?

We have a set of questions we like to ask to get more of a feel for what work you do (generally 1st fix or 2nd fix), how much you want to carry (light, medium & heavy EveryDayCarry) and what budget you have.

We sell the leading brands of toolbelts from USA and Australia, we use them on site in our carpentry & oak framing teams, so we know what works. We also have a lot of feedback from all our customers and social media community.

Over a series of Blog Posts we will cover what brands offer what belts/ pouches for each type of carry. Which brand you choose is down to your personal preference on aesthetics (nylon v leather) and also your budget.

Each of these brands pouches have a loop system on their pouches so they can attach to other brand belts so you don't have to be wedded to one brand entirely if you like the belt of one and the pouch of the other.

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