Martinez Signature Series 2-in-1 Rapid Square - Metric


Colour: Black


The sought after 2-in-1 one combination of Level Vial and Rapid Square is now available in our new ‘Aluminum Martinez Signature Series 2-in-1 Rapid Square’. The ‘Air Craft’ grade aluminum blade features a non-glare matte tumbled surface finish and has deep laser etched markings. Now incorporating the 2-in-1 level feature derived from our original Titanium Version.

* For those who already own a Rapid Square (Titanium or Aluminum), replacement heels will be offered in a choice of 5 different colors (Red, Black, Orange, Gold and Blue). The new heels will be available and sold separately if you wish to simply update your existing rapid square. Please click here to purchase a replacement heel!

    • Signature Series Martinez Rapid Square
    • Exact same intricate scribe marks as our titanium version
    • High grade air craft aluminum
    • Hard anodized, black blade
    • High visibility, deep laser etched blade
    • 2-in-1 Rapid Square and Level
    • Customizable Level Vial, hard anodized heel

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