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Atlas 46 AIMS™ Hammer Hold - TF Tools Oak Framing tools

Atlas 46

Atlas 46 AIMS™ Hammer Hold

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The superior angled design of the AIMS™ Hammer Hold positions your hammer to where it feel like an extension of your body. Conventional metal hammer loops force you to draw your hammer straight up.

The AIMS™ Hammer Hold angles your hammer at 10 degrees for a smoother draw as well as avoiding contact with your legs.

The elongated body keeps your hammer from a wide range of motion, protecting you and your work from unintentional damage.

The .050 rigid plastic inside the Hammer Hold will maintain it's shape under the harshest conditions.

Made out of a heavy duty 1000D Cordura, it is not just built for comfort, it’s built to last a lifetime. It is offered in both left and right hand for preferential carry.

Put it on any AIMS™ platform or any standard belt 2” or less. Nail it every time with the AIMS™ Hammer Hold!


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