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Atlas 46 AIMS™ Murphy Speed Pouch with Nelson Freedom Clip - TF Tools Oak Framing tools

Atlas 46

Atlas 46 AIMS™ Murphy Speed Pouch with Nelson Freedom Clip


Some stock held, if not available 3 to 4 week lead time.

The Murphy Speed Pouch with Nelson Freedom Clip (MURF-NFC) quickly adapts to every trade in the world.

Taking the impeccable design of the MURF and boosting the security of its tape measure strap, sets you on the path of greatness in swift tool retention and storage.

Mimicking the widely versatile and popular A326 pouch, the MURF has two 3”x 2”x 6” pockets, you can load up with essential pliers, cutters, levels, or a multitude of hand tools.

The 2 open-bottom adjacent slots are superb for screwdrivers, nut drivers, or adjustable wrenches.

The indispensable 1000D Cordura® ensures the pouch matches the longevity of your work and passion.

Features and Benefits

- AIM™ System quick attach for mounting without removing belt

- Fits up to 2” belts

- Fast, sturdy attachment gets you in and out with just what is needed

- Rugged construction to last a lifetime

- Staggered dual plier slots for easy accessibility

- Double open bottom design screwdriver/combo nut driver slots

- Pen/pencil slot

- Semi-rigid design holds shape while empty

- Versatile design accommodates a variety of tools; pliers, wire cutters, etc.

- Patent pending design

- Hand crafted in the USA

- Lifetime Guarantee


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