ISOtunes Link 2.0 (50hr battery life!) EN352

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lee jones
ISO link

Only had them a few days but what a difference , sit nice on your head , haven’t got to keep adjusting them , sound is great , streaming perfectly off my iPhone all together perfect , on a side note when your working around customers working at home I have found it gives them some privacy especially if there on a zoom call

Great product great service

Fantastic product and customer service from TFT and ISO is amazing, highly recommend.

Mark Dwyer
Brilliant product.

I got the isotunes ear defenders shortly after Christmas. Straight out the box the were really comfortable. After a few days use, they reduce the noise of drills,grinders,multi tools brilliantly. I had a s day of sanding with the dust extractor going and i could listen to my music perfectly. Sound is great and taking phone calls is excellent also. Highly recommend them.

Paddy Redman
Perfect Fit All Day

Having had plenty of ear defenders over the years, these are by far the most comfy and with the clear audio from the inbuilt speakers they do exactly as it says on the box. Blocks the drone of machinery and the moaning of the apprentice, its a win win. Rechargeable battery life is decent and the audio quality is clear and crisp.

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