SHINWA Ink Line Marker Pro Plus Auto-rewinding and Thin String

Colour: Black


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Paddy Redman
Great Addition To Any Tradesman

Straight out the box the instructions are clear and straight forward. The ink is easy to fill (go steady, you don't need much) and the comes in the popular colours as per the chalk derivatives. The pre-tension is a brilliant addition and can be disabled if you wished. I prefer the no messing trying to wind it in and with the lock out being so simple its a no brainer.
The ink line leaves clear lines that stay and don't get rubbed off and with a line finer and a lot less messy than chalk its become my go to marking out tool.

Tim Margereson
Brilliant ink line

Really well made ink line.
I've always used a chalk line but this is much finer and creates an excellent line to follow.
The pre tension instructions take a bit of getting used too, i was tensioning it the opposite direction to start with, but when you do its a piece of cake.
Much prefer this over a chalk line.

James Holloway
Great marking tool

Great tool for marking our lines the only problem is if you are marking overhead be careful as you will get splashes of ink all over you!
A lot more accurate than a Chalk like and doesn’t rub off so easily If you are walking over the marked lines

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