Food You Can Forage Paperback by Tiffany Francis




Foraging has seen a surge in popularity over recent years, driven by the organic, natural, local and wholesome lifestyles many now prefer.

And knowing how to find food for free in the wild is beneficial whether you want to avoid eating overly processed foods, need to cope with modern dietary problems or would simply like to enjoy a bit more time with your family outdoors surrounded by nature.

This brand new guide to foraging for families and amateur naturalists is full of information about natural habitats and where to find food in the wild. It includes descriptions of each edible plant, with accompanying illustrations and photos, as well as recipes and anecdotes.

The book is organised by habitats, such as woodland, grassland, farmland or coast, to allow readers to engage with whatever natural landscape they walk through and help them understand why things grow where they do.

Each plant entry will be accompanied by a colour artwork to assist with identification.

Detailed black-and-white illustrations will provide extra guidance and photographs will bring modern foraging to life in a colourful and engaging way.

Every section will also include tried-and-tested recipes from the author allowing readers to use what they forage to make something tasty for the kitchen table.

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