Hultafors 108 Mini Wrecking Bar 190mm (7.5in)



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Mathew Hughes
The best £6.25 I’ve ever spent!

This tool paid for itself in the 10 minutes after getting it out of the box. Such a useful bar.
The quality of the finish superb.
Very trades person needs this in their tool bag.

Hultafors wrecking bar

Another great tool from Hultafors! Excellent size! Does great job!

Russell Truman
Small but perfectly formed

It's the attention to detail that counts with this little beauty. I've had a few 'mini' wrecking bars, but most of them are not sufficiently ground and the tapers are the same thickness as their bigger brothers. Hultafors totally get this and spend a bit of extra time at the wheel to give you a very fine taper that will get in small gaps...which is why you grabbed a 'mini' bar in the first place.
It's got the holes for nail pulling but it's strength lies in the svelte, well considered design. This is a short bar, it'll pull pins and smaller tack style affairs but if you're going to pull a nail, use your hammer, a bigger bar or a devoted nail puller.

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