Shinwa Handy white string line reeling machine II Auto reeling Red




-Easy to use condensed and compact white yarn 

-Lightweight and compact 
 Palm-size flat-screen can be used anywhere, lightweight. 
-Needle and thread switching easy 
 A possible resolution without the use of tools, needles, thread switching can easily. 
-Wide range of needle distance 
 When stung a wider interval of the needle to stabilize itself. 
-Needle cover with safety 
 When using the push down smoothly with one hand; 

-Dimensions: 110 x 69 x 31 mm 
-Net weight: 90 g 
-Thread: 15 m (automatic winding 8 m) x 0.6 mm in diameter 
-Material: body/ABS plastic, Acetal resin, stainless steel, spring / stainless, ABS resin, spring steel, rubber body fixed needle/ABS resin, spring, steel, fiber and nylon 

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