SHINWA Plumb Bob


Size: 5m of Stringline Pink


Plumb bobs from SHINWA have a highly visible yellow tip made of iron.

The product package includes a yellow protective rubber cap that protects the tip.

A black rubber sleeve around the body of the plumb bob prevents nearby walls from being marked or getting damaged.

The large weight relative to its size means the wind stability of these plumb bobs is high and they will stop swinging much faster than comparable plumb bobs.

Plumb Bob Weight 200 g
Diameter 32 mm
Length of body 88 mm
Total length including ring 115 mm

Plumb Bob Weight 400 g
Diameter 36 mm
Length of body 122 mm
Total length including ring 150 mm

No string included - this can be bought at £1.50 for 5m of black & white strip stringline

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