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Virutex Shape planer FR98H


Virutex Shape planer FR98H


Designed for shaping the edges of longitudinal beams and crossbeams and modelling coffered ceilings.

Factory-fitted with straight blades for bevel-edging, it also permits rounding or moulding of shapes by using the moulding blades included with the equipment or the optional blades set.

The width of the straight or moulded profile obtained can be set between 0 and 40 mm.

The guide on which the piece to be shaped rests can be moved with respect to the cutter, which means that different profiles can be made on an edge, according to the zone of the blade on which work is being done.

There are two handles, one parallel to the main grip and at the same level, permitting comfortable work on longitudinal beams and vertical parts, and a top knob with two optional positions for work on horizontal surfaces, thus in both cases allowing a perfectly comfortable and secure two-handed grip on the machine.

The machine is equipped with a smooth electronic starting system and safety connection cutt-off switch to avoid undesired start-up. It is also equipped with a dust collection nozzle.

Double insulation

Input power:1.300 W
Planing width:40 mm
Max. blades pitch diameter:49 mm
No-load speed:23.000 /min

Optional accessories
9800050 Base with guide extension. For using the machine in inverted position for shaping of listels mouldings, crossbeams, etc. with greater ease in the workshop. 

9800150 Radius copier Allows straight chamfered edges to be made on pieces with exterior circular curves. Edge rounding or cutting on radius (R=5, 10 or 15) is also possible using radius cutters 9841005 
6446073 Standard dust collector attachment 2.25 m

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