Diamondback Maestro System - Trim set Right hand

Size: X Small
Color: Black


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Mark Shortall
Diamondback maestro

I had Lucy’s head wrecked with questions on the belt and set up of the belt, but as normal the response was pretty much straight away and on point, I got add ons to the belt also, the quality of the belt is like tf tools TOP CLASS

Eoin Byrne
First diamondback

I have ordered many items from tf and to say there level of service is supreme is an understatement. The belt. I mainly fit specalist Joinery and furniture along with day to day Carpentry. I was a little apprehensive about buying the belt. But i have to say the level.of comfort the quality of the pouchs is unbelievable. I enquired from some other lads that have some diamond back stuff and they all rave about the quality. It has speeded up my work no more looking for tools and everything is to hand. Very comfortable to hang drills and nail guns off of when on ladders etc. Highly recommended

Simon Wells
Diamond Maestro Trim Set

One of the best, most comfortable tool belts I have ever had. Makes you want to wear it rather than having to wear one as a last resort. Great little set up that stays in place too. Enough pockets and slots for every day carry plus the tools you need for the job your on. Can hang drill or gun off loops or tops of pockets too. The belt is very comfortable, great for your back, it does get warm wearing it though.
It is a lot of money but it is very well made, good quality, will last absolute years and I wish I had had one over 30 years ago when I first started out

George Chaplin
Top quality rig

I was looking a rig that wasn't made from leather and wasn't too big as I don't like carrying too much.
Was sceptical about spending so much, but wow! Worth every penny. Plus when you think it gets used everyday, it doesn't seem so bad.
The large pockets are big enough for a few small hand tools or a square. Plenty of smaller pockets for pencils, pens, knife etc.
Highly recommend.

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