Silky Big Boy Folding saw


Size: Big Boy Case


Silky's Bigboy multi-purpose folding saw provides a greater reach than a standard folding saw due to its 360mm blade and can be used for a wide range of pruning work and garden maintenance.

The precision-ground, razor sharp blade has four cutting angles along the length of the saw and provides a fast, clean and smooth cutting action.

Long well-balanced taper-ground blades with impulse-hardened non-set tooth design provide extended working reach, faster cutting and handles large limbs and small trunks with little effort.

The non-slip two-handed rubberized cushioned handle provides a sure and comfortable grip even in the most difficult operating conditions.

This is an ideal multi-purpose folding saw for cutting big jobs down to size. Utilizes proprietary Silky 'Mirai-Me' technology.

The original Bigboy is available in 3 teeth sizes/configurations. Each Bigboy has a colour-coded handle associated with the teeth configuration.

Red - 7 Teeth Per 30mm Large (pruning, green wood)

Black - 10 Teeth Per 30mm Medium (soft wood)

Blue - 13 Teeth Per 30mm Fine (hard wood, bamboo)

There is also a curved version, the Bigboy 2000 which is available as an 'Extra Large' teeth curved alternative.

It is not possible to re-sharpen the blade but the saws are designed to have replaceable blades. Other parts are also available. There is just one screw to unwind in order to change the blade.

See How to use/Technical guide


Part No. Blade Length (mm) Teeth Per 30mm Handle Colour Weight (g)
354-36 360 7 Red 405
350-36 360 10 Black 410

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