Silky Takeru-Boy fine hand saw


Size: 270mm/ 18tpi


The Takeru-Boy sets a new standard for fine Hand Saws. It is the first saw with a "butterfly handle" from Silky Saws. This exclusive design means the saw can be folded down to a compact transport size in no time at all, with the two handles folding over the toothed edges for protection. Highly versatile yet compact for cuts along and across the grain.

Takeru-Boy produces an extremely clean finish, making it ideal for precisely fitting cuts and joint surfaces that are to be glued. The saw blade is hard-chromed and thus rustproof with a robust aluminium handle with an anti-slip rubber coating.

The Takeru-Boy is available in 270mm blade lengths. There are also 2 teeth configurations to choose from, 18 teeth per 30mm and 24 teeth per 30mm.

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