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Silky Gomboy Folding saw


The Gomboy range of folding saw offers a lightweight general purpose pruning saw.

It is available with a number of different length blades 210mm, 240mm, 270mm and 300mm. Gomboy has been designed with a medium tooth configuration of 10 teeth per 30mm.

It comes with a black textured rubber-padded handle and a reliable spring-loaded blade lock makes sawing safe and comfortable.

Available in four blade lengths, this distinctive saw has earned a reputation as one of the finest folding saw on the market. It is a best-seller among both gardeners and woodworkers. Razor sharp teeth cut with amazing speed in green or dry wood, cleanly enough for use as an installation trim saw or for a crosscut at the timber yard.

It is not possible to sharpen the blade but the saws are designed to have replaceable blades. Other parts are also available. There is just one screw to unwind in order to change the blade.

See How to use/Technical guide

Part No. Blade Length (mm) Teeth Per 30mm Weight (g)
121-21 210 10 235
121-24 240 10 270
121-27 270 10 280


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