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Article 15 of the Offensive Weapons Bill (HC Bill 232)

How you are affected

As part of the proposed legislation covering the sale of offensive weapons the government is proposing to stop the delivery of certain items to residential addresses. For some this may be an inconvenience, for others it will potentially stop them carrying out their legitimate woodworking activities.

Whilst we are sympathetic with the government’s efforts to reduce knife-crime we feel that tools of this type should be allowed to be purchased by anyone who needs them and have them delivered to a location suitable for them.

Examples of the sorts of items that could be included are:

·         Carving chisels and gouges

·         Carving knives

·         Spokeshaves and drawknives

·         Lino cutters

·         Plane blades

·         Woodturning gouges

·         Carpenters’ chisels

What can you do?

There a couple of simple ways you can have your say on this.

·         Sign an online petition. If the petition receives 100,000 signatures the matter must be debated in parliament. The petition is on the UK parliament website at

·         Write to your MP expressing your concern at the impact of article 15 on self-employed and hobbyist woodworkers, and the businesses that supply their tools. You can find your MP here