We really value your support internationally and we want to work hard to continue you to bring you the best tools we can offer worldwide.

We are all navigating the best way forward following Brexit, as a business we didn't want to be here but now we are, we must make the best of it.

Removing UK Tax from prices

Our prices include 20% UK VAT (Value Added Tax). If you live outside the UK, we can remove this tax from our website prices.

We are working on an automated way to do this, but until this is ready please email us at info@tftools.co.uk with your name, shipping country and list of items and we will manually the remove the tax and send you a payment link.

Importing costs

The UK and EU have made a Free Trade agreement and the majority of goods should not have an import duty but some countries may charge you their countries VAT/Tax to import the goods.

You will need to contact your country Customs department to see if any customs might be charged to you.

We can't advise on this and we also can't be held responsible for fees/taxes other countries may charge on entry.