How to Make a Word Search Puzzle

The steps to create a word search puzzle are really easy. Works well if you have two children and they can make one for each other to do

  1. Think of the words to put in your puzzle.
  2. Create a grid.
  3. Put the words in the grid.
  4. Clean up the puzzle by putting in filler letters for the remaining spaces.
  5. Publish, make copies, and play!

Step 1: Think of Words to Include

Pick a Theme, what can you see out the window, in the garden, things you cook with etc

Pick a min of 10/15 words

Example grid here 

A simple grid is the start of a word search puzzle, also known as a seek and find.

Step 2: Create a Grid

Or if you don't have a printer draw a good number of rows and columns. My original grid started out at 20 columns and 16 rows.

Step 3: Put the Words on the Grid

You can put your first word anywhere on the grid. Make sure you have enough space for the word where you want to place it.

The letters follow each other in a straight line, either vertically, horizontally or diagonally.

Unless you are making a puzzle for very young children, you can even put them in backward. Try to conserve space by using a letter from one word when working on another word and by putting the words as close together as you can.

It is generally easier to add the longer words first, and then try to fit in the shorter words. For example

All the words have been entered into the word search puzzle grid.
All the words have been entered into the word search puzzle grid