Regan Low believed that today’s folding rules were missing something that the old tools had; quality and thoughtfulness. Seeing builders everyday use cheap, brittle and dysfunctional folding rules, Regan knew something had been lost along the way, with the help of a talented team The Good Rule was created bringing it back to the good old days.

The Good Rule journey took four long years of R&D, testing, and manufacturing – Calibre, cleverness, and a whole lot of creative thinking later, and we got an affordable and quality tool, made for the modern builder, maker, and creator.

Now the story It does not end here it has only just begun, following the success of the Metric Good Rule an Imperial version is in the final stages of being completed for all those clever tradies and makers who use imperial measuring, Also a full steel/alloy prototype is currently underway but that is all we can say at this stage.

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