Beach & Barn Prodigal Sun Tee ShortSleeve

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You know the person.  Sunrise.  Sunset.  They want to be on the water.  Fishing rod, no fishing rod, choppy water, smooth water, high tide, low tide, big boat, little boat, saltwater, freshwater - it doesn't matter to them.

Even if they aren't on the water, they are daydreaming about it - and as soon as they get done with distractions (like jobs, and responsibilities) they'll have a poorly maintained trailer hooked to their vehicle headed back to their happy place.

The Prodigal Sun ALWAYS returns.

· 100% American Grown & Sewn Pima Cotton
· Short Sleeve
· Pocketed
· Not too roomy, and not too slim fit
· Screenprinted in Wilmington, NC

· Center Console® Logo on Front Pocket

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