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CMT DP SHARPENING SYSTEM 150x52x16 MEDIUM-D46 - TF Tools Oak Framing tools




CMT part no:DSS-150M 
Diamond Sharpening stones for Professional, industrial or home use - these stones sharpen fast:
real quality diamond, the hardest known material, reduces the sharpening process;
easy: stoke the blade across surface with little pressure;
durable: we use natural diamonds for long-lasting performance;
versatile: for sharpening any hard material, steel, glass, ceramic, tungsten carbide, etc.

A unique production process to guarantee a long tool life.
A perforated steel plate is moulded onto a strong plastic base by applying high pressure. The steel is then covered with natural diamonds embedded into a nickel plate. The pattern of diamond coating ensures fast sharpening, whereas the plastic indents hold the lubricating water and disperse the fine dust emitted by the diamonds during sharpening.

D46 COARSE/BLUE (45 microns, mesh: 325):
to quickly restore dull edges to cutting sharp again. Workers who need fast cutting action without caring for edge refinement often use this grit grain.

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