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Introducing Edge-Pocket™

The 2nd generation offspring of the Mitertite™ system for the joining of mitered casings.

No other method produces faster, tighter, longer-lasting joints.

Edge-Pocket™ is compact, versatile and user friendly.

  • Fastens an infinite number of angles
  • Joins thicknesses from 5/8 to more than 1 1/2 inches
  • Cuts pockets in any width or length material
  • Produces plugs at all angles

Edge-Pocket™ automatically centers pockets in the edge of casings and moldings. Washer head pocket screws are the permanent clamps that keep parts together.

The angle beam adjusts to join assemblies from butt-joints to eight sides.

Cutting miters with the Edge-Pocket™ system produces joints that are compressed along their entire length. Joints will not crack with seasonal changes.

Set drill depth and stop block. Clamp Edge-Pocket™ to the mitered end and drill the pocket with one hand while holding the molding with the other. Pocket both ends of the head casing to keep pockets out of view.

Hold the moldings flush with a swivel pad vice clamp and run the screw.
No other system produces tighter, faster joints. Guaranteed!

Cut plugs at the same angle as the pocket hole using the plug cutter.
(plug cutter sold separately).

Remove bushing from the guide block to accommodate the larger diameter plug cutter.

(See owners manual for more explanation of the Edge-Pocket™ system.)

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