Diamondback The Elias Pouch - XL Size


Colour: Black
Pouch Position: Right handside


We do hold some stock, if we don't have it on the shelf we receive shipments every 7-10 days.
The Elias Pouch comes standard as the dominant pouch on “The Denali” and the “The Artic Fox” from our signature series.
This pouch is built on the Wrangell platform and features a large closure pocket and a drill index built into the middle pocket. 
There are also 3 additional tool slots behind the speed square divider in the main pocket.
Pouch Makeup: Top pouch (tape holder), 6 tool slots, main pouch, secret pouch, open pouch with drill index, nail clip slots, outside pouch with closure, utility pocket, pencil slot, 2 nail set slots, nylon hammer loop, double tool loops.

Total: 6 pouches, 9 slots, 3 loops.
Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 9 x 10 x 2 in
Color Black, Ranger Green
Pouch Position Right Hand Side, Left Hand Side
Pouch Size Standard, XL

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