DiamondBack The Denali – Deluxe Framer XL / Right hand


Waist size: Extra Small (XS) 26"-30"
Colour: Ranger Green


We do hold some stock, if we don't have it on the shelf we receive shipments every 7-10 days.

Pics show Standard pouches not XL, image coming soon

This ultimate belt is for framers & professionals who seek on demand versatility. If a pouch is required to multi-task, this comprehensive, well-designed unit will deliver you to the top of the mountain

The Denali, formerly known as the UFO - Ultimate Framer’s Outfit, is just that. This rig comes with the right balance of tool and fastener storage for the guys with the guns.

Paired with a set of Diamondback Suspenders (listed separately), you’ll be set to shoulder the day’s work in comfort.


  • Elias (Right),
  • Wrangell (Left),
  • Hammer Holster,
  • Flatbar Holster,
  • 6” Diamondback 

Left hand version available here

Note that when choosing a size, there is an additional 10-12″ of belt webbing to expand your belt for those extra winter layers.  Measure your torso around the bellybutton (DO NOT USE YOUR TROUSER WAIST SIZE) and buy the belt that matches the measurement on our sizing chart.  If you size up, you will not be able to tighten your belt in the summer.

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