Dust Tape


Size: Pack of 20


Dust tape is designed to make the small tasks around the house that little bit easier!

Dust Tape eliminates the mess created by doing some home DIY. Drill dust somehow always seems to leave a mess. For example, when putting up some shelves at home, you have drilled the holes required and the drill dust debris has spilled down the wall and onto the skirting board and carpet. Dust Tape is a simple device which sticks to any surface and collects all the dust as it falls. You can then simply fold up and discard.

Dust Tape is easily folded to form a V shaped enclosure. Due to Dust Tape's design, it can be used to form different shaped enclosures. This can suit whatever size or shape of holes you need to drill! Dust Tape can even be used as a dust collecting tray, for when you are sanding small areas.

Why Dust Tape is unique:

  • Folded and perforated, ready to use
  • Any size hole can be accommodated
  • Depth gauge visible when drilling
  • Folds away, capturing all dust

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