Famag® Depth Guide




Depth guide with two guide rods, retainer for drill machine 43mm with handle and guide ring (inner 90mm).

Tool independent bit stop which is suitable for boring countersinks for washers. Continuously adjustable depth of sinking by adjusting ring on guide rods.

Tool holder of cast aluminium

Very easy to handle and precisely applicable. The second handle allows good guidance.

For drill length 240mm

Drilling depth 210mm

Foot measure outside 150mm

Food measure inside 150mm

Overall length 330mm

Founded in the German city of Remschieid FAMAG have been making high quality drill bits for over 175 years.

Many of the products have unique patented characteristics and all are produced to the highest standards.

Delivery times are 5 working days as imported from Germany currently. We may hold stock in the near future.

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