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Festool Cross cutting guide rail FSK - TF Tools Oak Framing tools


Festool Cross cutting guide rail FSK


Not just saws–compound mitre saws.


  • The HK 55, HKC 55 and HK 85 portable circular saws can be easily connected to the cross cutting guide rail to form a single unit, by means of a quick fastener
  • The compound mitre saw system makes work easier with fast, guided and precisely-angled cross cuts
  • Stop system for accurately repeated angled cuts
  • Retract function returns the saw to start position after sawing
  • Splinter guard for splinter-free cuts
  • Adhesive cushion strip protects the workpiece surface from being damaged
  • Slideway lining for easy movement of the machine on the trimming rails
Suitable for tool types:
for HKC 55, HK 55, HK 85

Technical data

Angle range up to 60 °
Angle range from -45 °
Cutting length 250 mm
Angular range -45 – +60 °
Weight 0,98 kg
Items Included
in carton

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