Fixeeze are adhesive guides that transfer drilling points from the object to the wall, allowing you to hang items quicker and more accurately, without the need for measuring or templates.

Just place the Fixeeze discs over the holes in the item you wish to hang, press it against the wall and remove, leaving the Fixeeze discs in the exact place on the wall as accurate guides to drill through.

It’s the simple way to hang: 

  • Objects with hidden fixings
  • Objects being hung at a height
  • Objects too big to hold and mark
  • Awkwardly shaped objects

Step 1 – Attach the Fixeeze discs to the object you want to hang 

Step 2 – Place your object against the wall and press

Step 3 – Remove your object and Fixeeze will give you an accurate set of drilling points

  1. No Measuring
  2. No Templates
  3. No Fuss

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