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Dexter (Torquay, United Kingdom)
Solid bit of kit packed with practical functionality

I bought these to replace the in-ear headphones under the ear-defender combo which worked fine, until they worked loose and needed readjusting which quickly becomes an annoyance.
I did consider getting a pair of of noise cancelling headphones as that seemed to be what I was looking for. But working in a busy shop requires a bit of alertness to your surroundings, and these read as if they'd get the job done and boy do they! You are able to set the volume for your surroundings independently from your music, which allows you to fine tune the balance of music versus your surroundings. When the microphone detects a noise above the set levels it shuts off. You do hear the initial noise for a fraction of a second, which is good as you are aware of what caused it. You are able to hear colleagues clearly without the need of removing the defenders and the buttons are easy to operate through feel and have good functionality for your connected device such as ; independent volume adjust, music skip features and call answering options. Battery so far seems like it will surpass the stated 11 hours as I'm around 4-5 hours in and still at 90%!
Fit is pretty good. Although they initially felt heavy on the unboxing, they feel almost weightless whilst wearing them. They're a tight fit, so you do feel a bit of pressure around your ears and the ear pads are (so far) a touch on the firm side, but are in no way too uncomfortable for long sessions and I can see them softening over time.
Sound quality is really good, not your high-ender quality, but they do have a solid sound to them, this will be down to user preferences I suppose.
Range seems good, but I haven't ventured further than 6 meters from my device. It did randomly pass the Bluetooth connection to Alexa 🤔 but re-connected fine after turning Alexa off 🤷

Solid bit of kit packed with practical functionality perfect for the workshop 👍

Wow, thank you so much for taking the time to write this! It was super insightful to read, we're glad they work so well with you! Cheers again! Team TF

TF Scott

These are absolutely amazing. You can play music but it also plays the workshop sounds in the background, so you can listen to your own thing but you can still hear what's going on. Both are individually adjustable too. They are very comfortable and not heavy. They've got a rechargeable battery pack that lasts 11hr, but will take 3 AAA as a back up

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