Mafell K65 cc Circular saw

Liquid error (product-info line 70): -Infinity

Options: 240v


The aim here was the design a robust, easy-to-handle machine for the joiner and carpenter suitable for everyday use.

The highlight: novel twin-located height adjustment, with which the machine can also be used as a plunge cut saw - the riving knife disappears into the protective cover when plunge cutting.

As with all Mafell portable circular saws, the Mafell guide rail system can be used with this model as well.

The package price is so generous, that sawing without a rail is likely to be the exception, rather than the rule.

Cutting depth: 0 - 67mm
Cutting depth at 45°: 0 - 53 mm
Tilt range (normal input 1800W): 0 - 45°
Nominal no-load speed: 2700 - 4700 1/min
Weight: 4.7kg

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