Mafell KSS 50 CC 168mm Circular Saw / Crosscut Saw




Mafell KSS 50 18M cc 18V Cross-Cutting Saw System, 2 Batteries & Charger in Case

The cross-cutting system KSS 50 is a compact and rugged multi-purpose machine developed by Mafell to a new design. Offering a cutting depth of up to 58 millimeters, it is the ideal tools for a variety of sawing tasks.

In view of their low weight, the 18 V versions are perfect companions when working on site. The innovative, high-capacity battery technology delivers stamina and tremendous power.

The cross-cutting system KSS 50 is characterized by maximum precision and extremely simple operation. The saw can cut as deep as 58 mm. Its low weight and powerful motor predestine the KSS 50 for work on construction sites.

Given their power and ease of use, KSS 50 is predestined for diverse on-site applications, from cross-cutting and ripping to plunge-cutting solid structural timbers, boards or roof battens. The highly efficient CUprex motor generates an output of 1,300 Watts and ensures supreme cutting performance – even when working hard every day.

CROSS CUTS - It couldn‘t be simpler
With the cross-cutting system, the machine is permanently attached to the guide track. One fixed and one adjustable stop on the underside of the track allow precision angle cuts to be made in the range from –60° to 60°. Simply push the system up against the workpiece edge with the two stops, and execute the cut. Afterwards the track automatically returns to the starting position.

Dispensing with a detachable riving knife, the FLIPPKEIL permist reliable, convenient and straigh-forward plunge cutting.

Using the MAFELL guide tracks or optional edge guide, which is graduated in millimeters, decking boards can be made to fit exactly.

Thanks to the generously-sized angle scale, miter cuts always ensure a perfect fit.

The chip removal system has been designed and optimized to cope with the very large chip quantities produced when cutting fiberboard. Blockages are practically ruled out – even when executing plunge cuts in the direction of the fibers.

To change blades, simply lock the sawblade by pushing a button which automatically engages the starting lockout. The blade can then be changed safely and without risk with the Allen key attached to the machine.

Bright LEDs illuminate a large working area.

Thanks to tyhe unique tilting system, a cutting depth of 42mm (including track) is always available in the angle range from 0º to 45º.

Team player or solo act: with the new cross-cutting systems, the machine can also be used without the guide track. It then offers the same functions and benefits as a the new K 55 cc.

Always in the picture, the battery charge can be checked at anytime by pressing a button on the battery.


  • No load speed: 4,450 rpm
  • Cutting depth @ 90º:
    With track: 52mm
    Without track: 58mm
  • Cutting depth @ 45º:
    With track: 42mm
    Without track: 48mm
  • Cutting length: 407mm
  • Tilting range: 0 - 45º
  • Angle cuts: -60º to +60º
  • Voltage rating: 18V
  • Weight: 5.7kg

Supplied with:

  • 1 x TCT sawblade 168 x 1.8 x 1.2 x 20mm, 32 teeth, WZ
  • 1 Allen Key 5mm
  • 1 Guide track 400
  • 2 Battery Power Tank 18 M 99 (18V 5.5Ah 88Wh)
  • 1 Battery PowerStation APS 18M
  • 1 Dust Bag
  • Metal Carry Case 785 x 320 x 285mm

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