Mafell LS 103 Ec Chain Mortiser


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Mafell LS103Ec Mortsier (924 221) 240v

Unique lightweight at only 9 kg (19.8 lbs). Chain mortising without the drag. The long guide plate has a large adjusting range and permits work on large timber workpieces. The tensioning system of the LS 103 allows fast chain replacement. Even retightening of the chain without removing the chain guard is quick and easy. Optional accessories include the guide support stand for the LS 103, ideal for precise framing work, particularly indispensable for chain sets of 150 mm (57/8 in.). With the LS 103 and the appropriate slot mortising attachment SG 230, SG 400 or SG 500, you can execute slots of up to 500 mm (1911/16 in.)! This is not possible with any other machine on the market!

• Extremely lightweight and safe
• Fast chain replacement
• Ergonomic machine construction
• Low machine weight – ideal for use on construction site.
• Extremely powerful motor – for high efficiency and considerable time-saving.
• Ergonomic handle and switch arrangement – for safe, efficient, energy-saving work.

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