Volt: 240v Machine only


Two options available in both 110v or 240v and with 1.6m rail

All MT 55 features are geared towards precision e.g. tear-free cutting, central locking, fine adjustment of cutting depth, high speed, tracking pointer, adaptable slot, undercutting, position indicator etc.

Can be used with the most popular track systems - Festool, Makita (including means of eliminating play), and of course MAFEL

Immediate access to blade: consequently amazingly fast and without teeth being scratched.
System accessories - From a range of tools, to extensive special accessories for the MT 55 and guide rail F. Saw blades, splinter guard F-SS, non-slip profile F-HP, angle fence F-WA, connecting piece F-VS, stop F-AS (kick back stop), position indicator MT-PA etc.
Suitable for boards and solid wood
Scoring function - Precision, tear-free cuts, even if the rubber lip is worn.
Tracking pointer - Maximum precision, even when cutting free hand.
Adaptable slot - Can be adapted to other track systems
Play is eliminated reliably and accurately by index notches on the guide jaws.
Central locking - Angle setting fixed in two locations with a single screw
Faster, simpler and more accurate thanks to U-shaped guide rod.

Position indicator - Useful marking of the point where the blade enters the work piece; an exclusive MAFELL feature

Practical and precise control of the saw blade as it enters and leaves the work surface.
Versatile cutting depth pointer - With or without a rail, no need to work out dimensions
A quick twist of the ingenious pointer – no brainwork required.

Cutting depth fine adjustment - for extremely fine adjustment of the cutting depth beyond the standard 1 mm accuracy (e.g. Fermacell) taking accuracy and precision to new heights.
Tilt settings -1° to 48° - Overrides 0° and + 45° positions with automatic system reset, undercuts without the risk of subsequent mistakes caused by forgetting to reset.
High torque - Comfortable reserves of power, meaning problem-free, convenient cutting, however tough the going.

No-load speed 6,300 rpm - Out-and-out high cutting speed, producing exact and clean cuts.
Plexiglas dust protection slide and closed cover - Extremely clean cutting with minimum dust (e.g. gypsum wallboards), no special accessories needed.

Clear view of pointer through Plexiglas slide facilitates free-hand cuts.

Max case with accessory tray - Room for every last small item inside the cleverly designed case, even angle fence F-WA has a proper home.

Motor and gear noise - Extremely quiet when idling and under load, you can say goodbye to vibration and loud noise.

Digital electronics - Wear-free: no rotating parts, therefore no unnecessary repair costs.
Mechanical motor brake - Ideal, as keeps wear to an absolute minimum, electronic solution is subject to much greater wear.

Hose connector with Velcro tape for mains cable - Hose and cable leave the machine in the same direction and do not obstruct work. Effective cable guide without expensive special accessories.

Indents on hose connector - Eliminates accidental twisting, hose locator remains in the set position.

Slot width marker - Clear visibility, Chamfering makes for simple contact.
Handle at 62° - Ergonomic handle positioning. Convenient and strain-free grip without placing the wrist at an awkward angle.

Plunge-cutting without a riving knife - Saw blade retracts into guard in next to no time. More flexible saw blade changes without having to pay attention to the riving knife.

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