Mafell Z5E Carpenters Bandsaw

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The new Z 4 Ec and Z 5 Ec portable bandsaws are the innovative successors to the legendary Z 3. Owing to a new, high-output motor and magnesium die-cast components, their persuasive benefits include reduced weight (Z 4 Ec 13.5 kg, Z 5 Ec 13.7 kg), enhanced performance, higher torque and excellent handling. Exclusive with ball bearing saw band guidance for excellent band running and thus for optimum cutting. Maximum 8 mm saw bands for optimum flexibility when curving and profiling purlins and rafters. The shorter arm of the Z 4 Ec gives rise to a maximum cutting depth of 225 mm (8 7/8 in.). For thicker work, the otherwise identical Z 5 Ec offers an impressive cutting depth of 305 mm (12 in.). The precision that typifies MAFELL portable bandsaws enables the Z 4 Ec and Z 5 Ec to execute extremely clean and perfectly square cuts. The cooling air of the high-performance motor is utilized to blow away dust from the mark. As a consequence, chips are kept well away from your head and you maintain a clear view of the mark at all times.

  • With CUprex, the new high-performance motor
  • Variable digital electronics
  • Combined brake/off switch
  • Ball-bearing blade guide
  • 30° tilting blade side
1 bandsaw blade, 6 mm (1/4 in.) wide, 6 teeth per inch,
1 bandsaw blade, 6 mm (1/4 in.) wide, 4 teeth per inch,
1 bandsaw blade, 8 mm (5/16 in.) wide, 4 teeth per inch,
Parallel guide fence,
11 m (36.1 ft) cable with plug

Drilling cutting depth : 12 in. (305mm)
Tilt : 0-30 Degrees
Driving speed - no load : 650-1550 rpm (1/min)
Universal motor : 230/115V
Power - Input : 2100W
Weight : 13.7 kg

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