Mafell ZSX E 260HM Carpenter's Chain Saw




MAFELL´s unique chain guide system ensures consistent accurate cuts. The ZSX Ec can be tilted on both sides to 60°. The ability to precisely set a wide range of working angles in opposing directions offers maximum convenience. Automatic chain lubrication with adjustable speed to eliminate oil spillage on timber. Like all our portable cirular carpentry saws, the ZSX Ec also uses our guide rail system. Equally adapted for operation by either right-handed or left-handed users. The ergonomically designed handle and switch arrangement always applies the feed pressure at right angles to the support.

  • With CUprex, the new high-performance motor
  • Up to 60 °C tilt range on both sides
  • Constant cut display

Cutting depth : 260mm
Cutting depth at 45 : 184mm
Cutting depth at 60 : 130mm
Tilt range : 0-60
Nominal no-load speed : 3000-3600 1/min
Single-phase AC motor : 230V / 50Hz
Nominal input : 3000W
Weight : 13.9kg

Video of ZSX 400

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