Maintaining and Repairing Old Houses by Bevis Claxton




Repairing, even just painting, an old house with some of today's conventional building materials could begin processes leading to decay, or bring about changes that erode interest and value.

This book introduces kinder alternatives, these include traditional and sustainable repair methods and philosophies that can also preserve the character and fabric of the smallest old house and which need not cost the earth.

Many old houses were built in the days before fossil fuels were exploited, they were designed to be sustainable - and still can be. The author shows the reader how to prepare old houses for the future by considering the balance between preservation and energy-efficiency.

Starting at the top with chimneys and roofs, and working down through the building, the author examines external walls, rainwater disposal, doors and windows, internal walls, floors and ceilings, building services, damp problems and the importance of 'breathability' and ventilation.

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