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Makita 7104L 110v Chain Mortiser - TF Tools Oak Framing tools


Makita 7104L 110v Chain Mortiser

£1,365.00 £2,056.00

The front cover has been added to enclose the cutter chain.
  • Some electrical parts have been changed to comply with the electromagnetic compatibility requirement.
  • This tool is ideal for making mortises and notches quickly.
  • Pivoting chain bar enables an operator to make a 130mm long rectangular hole in three cutting processes without reclamping a workpiece
  • DEMO available
  • Features and Benefits:

    • Razor sharp chain for clean, accurate cutting
    • Extremely portable.
    • Powerful 10.5 AMP motor (3,200 RPM) to quickly notch or cut holes in thick wood stock
    • Large adjustable vise and knob for attaching firmly onto logs.
    • Innovative power tool notches or cuts through-holes in thick wood stock quickly, neatly and accurately.
    • Sliding rear clamp adjustable to desired width with a quick adjust tension knob.
    • Clamp tension lever for a firm hold on log.
    • Cutting line indication plate.
    • Adjust knob for re-adjusting position of chain across the log.
    • Quick horizontal chain lever for widening holes.
    • Chain tension adjustment cover with snap action.
    • Durable plastic boot protects twin steel rails.
    • Externally accessible carbon brushes for greater serviceability.
    • Built-in carrying handle for ease of transportation.
    • Ideal for timber framing or log home building.

    Technical Specifications:
    Max mortise depth - 155mm
    Max mortise width - transverse - 30mm
    Max mortise width - longitudinal - 130mm
    Max clamp capacity - 308mm
    Input wattage - 1140w
    No Load Speed - 3200 rpm
    Vibration K factor - 1.5 m/sec²
    Vibration no load - 2.5 m/sec²
    Net weight - 17 kg 

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