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Makita B-08589 235mm x 30mm x 60T Circular Saw Blade - TF Tools Oak Framing tools


Makita B-08589 235mm x 30mm x 60T Circular Saw Blade


235mm Blade with a revolutionary and advanced tooth design featuring twin teeth to cut faster and cleaner.

Features & Benefits:

  • Fully hardened and tensioned blades absorb impact and remain flat and true
  • High grade tungsten carbide with low wear rate for extended blade life
  • Precision honed tips for a sharper longer lasting edge
  • Thin kerf for less waste and reduced motor pressure

Technical Specifications:

Bore (B) - 30mm
Diameter (D) - 235mm
Kerf (K) - 2.8mm
Rake (R) - 15º
Thickness (T) - 1.8mm
Pack Quantity - 1
Tooth Count - 60
Material Type - Wood
Blade ID - CSXF23560G

MAKFORCE - A comprehensive selection of circular saw blades for all makes and models of portable circular saws. With a wide range of sizes from 140mm-355mm and tooth counts from 10 to 60, the range covers applications from coarse rip and cross cutting to extra fine cross cutting.

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