Martinez The Venom 12oz M4 Titanium Finishing Hammer

Face: Smooth
Grip: Curved


Customer Reviews

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Kam Chung (Manchester, United Kingdom)

Originally bought the black knight hammer, but the paint job was too nice to use! So I decided to buy the Venom. Still a very nice hammer. So glad it did not have the same kind of finish as the Black Knight. I will have no problem hammering the shit out off this hammer! Might be buying the parts to assemble a M4 red handle with a M1 head to make a Dead Pool hammer soon as TF Tools does not sell it already whole. TF Tools any chance you can hold on to it for me, until I can afford it? Constantly out of stock! Grab them while you can!!!

Ah great to hear you love them both so much!! All the limited edition coloured Martinez handles have the same level of powder coat finish I'm afraid we can't offer pre-ordering services, but we have a Stock Alert system in place to remind those that sign up when a product is next available to be bought again

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