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Mafell MF26cc Multi profile cutter GF-MAX


Mafell MF26cc Multi profile cutter GF-MAX


The design of the MF 26 cc is characterized by the use of extremely rugged, high-quality and precision-made parts, including the lightweight magnesium die-cast housing and impact-resistant, fiber glass-reinforced plastic components
  • The MF 26 cc multi-cutter can be operated to a cutting depth of 26 mm on the guide rail and as a plunge-cut saw
  • Whether sawing, routing or cutting grooves, genuine precision is best achieved with the aid of the guide rail system F
  • Continuously variable speed up to 6250 rpm. For shaping, sawing and slotting an abundance of different materials
  • Turn the adjusting screw to set the cutting depth on the sliding scale with an accuracy of 1/10 mm
  • The glider slides on the surface of the workpiece and thus prevents tilting. It helps to hold the MF 26 cc securely in position when it is mounted on the guide rail as well
  • The guard opens with a single action. When it is opened, the starting lockout and sawblade lock engage automatically
  • With or without a rail – simply turn the pointer to show the exact cutting depth
  • Lengthwise and crosswise grooves
  • V-grooves
  • For routing wallboard prior to folding, bending techniques
  • Routing and folding techniques with aluminum composite panels, sawing
  • Materials usage: solid wood, MDF, drywall, aluminum composite panels
  • Specification:
    Cutting depth : 0 - 26 mm
    Nominal no-load speed : 3600 - 6250 1/min
    Cutting speed : 39,9 m/s
    Nominal input : 1400 W
    Weight : 4,9 kg

    1 x TCT saw blade 120 x 1.2/1.8 x 20 mm (4 3/4 in.)/ AT, 24 teeth; Ref. No. 092558
    1 x Wallboard cutter MF-GF 90
    1 x Parallel guide fence
    1 x Mains cable 4 m (13.1 ft)
    1 x Mafell-Max Systainer Case

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