Milwaukee GEN III Magnetic Tape Measure 8m/26ft (Width 27mm)




Milwaukee Hand Tools GEN III Magnetic Tape Measure with a nylon bonded blade, up to 10x more resistant to jobsite damage. A non-reflective blade coating makes the tape easier to read in bright sunlight. On the reverse, there is an architect scale that provides easy calculating of scaled drawings.

A strong magnet at the start of the tape allows easy hooking onto flat surfaces and round pipe. It offers an impressive stand-out of up to 3.4m. Fitted with a patented finger stop: stable when stands alone. Compact, ergonomic design with a 5-point reinforced frame for jobsite durability.

This Milwaukee Hand Tools GEN III Magnetic Tape Measure has metric and imperial measurements.


Blade Length: 8m/26ft.
Blade Width: 27mm.
Accuracy: EC Class II.

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