New Version Pica DRY Longlife Automatic Pen Graphite



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padraig foley
Pica New Version

Excellent Pencil.
Have to order one for all the lads now though. lol.

Tim Margereson
Pica - say no more

This second gen pencil is fantastic. The clip on the quiver is nice and strong and holds it on your toolbelt really well, perfect single handed operation.
The in-built sharpener does an excellent job of getting to a very sharp tip and the pencil operation is really smooth.
Buy the extra lead pack when buying this pencil and you'll be sorted for ages.
Very highly recommended

Handy Pencil

Nice kit.
Fits in hand well and convenient clipped to pouch or belt.
Leads are thick so they don’t snap off, unless dropped.
Pencil sharpener sharpens to a sharp point easily. Leaves a sharp accurate line.
Feels robust enough to survive Construction sites.

Shame it doesn’t come with spare leads, only one in it. So make sure you order extra.

Pica Mechanical pencil

An awesome pencil.
Really handy for marking tight areas. Sooth mechanism and excellent choice of refills.
My order went missing somewhere and TFT replaced it without hesitation.
A company that you can actually talk to a person is invaluable.
Also, very fast to respond to emails.

Donovan Truluck
Great pica

well what can I say its a pica it just works

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