Pica BIG Dry Longlife Construction Marker



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Tim Margereson
Pica - say no more

Superb pencils. This is now my fifth and all with different leads in. I've painted the caps to denote which is which and am able to mark any surface in any conditions.
Cannot recommend these highly enough.

Love this!!

I love this, the fact that the holder allows the lead to come through is great. My smaller pica kept snapping when I put it back in the holder, as I never retracted the lead. Great size for framing too. Thanks!!

Jamie Griffiths
Highly recommend

Any person in the trade will know how quickly you get through pencils, which also means spending a lot of time sharpening them for it just to break. This is a game changer, I never have to worry about sharpening again. If it does need more lead, it’s there at the click of a button!

Tim Margereson
Awesome pencil

Superb pencil, really well made and great choice of refills.
A bit pricy but once you use this - you wouldn't want to go back to a standard pencil.
I've bought 2 so i have one with standard lead & the other with red waxy crayon.
Lead for making out timber & blockwork & red for marking profiles.
You definitely don't have to worry about sharpening at the important moment 👍👍😁

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