Pica BIG Dry Longlife Construction Marker




Carpenter pencil – next generation

Automatic lead feed at the push of a button
Refillable with different leads for most versatile capabilities
Further product advantages:
Unique high-tech push mechanism
Maximum protection against dust and moisture
For sturdy rectangular leads in 2 x 5 mm profile: ideal for marking purposes
Precise edge guide while marking
Extremely long marking capacity
No more wood removal for sharpening necessary: just one push
Always operational
Leads are easy to exchange
Equipped with FOR ALL graphite lead 2B

Typical Pica: BIG Dry in convenient quiver cap with extra strong special clip for perfect one handed handling
Long lasting and sustainable due to high quality product technique and refill ability
Pica BIG Dry – extremely tough!

Longlife Construction Marker with FOR ALL universal graphite lead 2B
Leads available;
Set FOR ALL Graphite (12 leads)
Set FOR ALL Graphite/White (8 + 4 leads)
Set FOR ALL Graphite/White/Red  DISCONTINUED when stock is gone its gone
Set Carpenter 2H (12 leads)
Set All weather leads (12 leads)
Set Stonemason 10H (12 leads)

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