Pica Pocket Stonemason Pencil




Quiver & Blade in one

  • Robust pencil quiver: matches all thick wooden pencils no matter if oval flat-oval black-edge triangular or hexagonal shape no matter which length – even the smallest stump
  • Its ingenious clamping function fixes the wooden pencil always at hand. You concentrate on your work and find your pencil without having a look
  • With integrated blade made of carbon steel sharp as a razor for easy sharpening
  • With safety bar as a stopper for precise sharpening: limits the cutting depth similar to a potato peeler and protects from injury
  • Durable clip with extra bracing for an extreme strong fixture at the trouser pocket
Pica POCKET Blister-Pack
1 Pica Classic stonemason pencils for free 240 mm long already sharpened
dimensions: 80 x 300 mm

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